PrepCord (AKA Super Awesome Paracord with Fishing Line)

You’ve never seen paracord like this before:


This is one of the coolest things I think we’ve gotten in at Blade HQ. It’s actually a pretty simple product, but it’s such a smart idea!

As you can see, the paracord “guts” all look pretty normal except that one strand on the far right. That is a strand of fishing line. It’s so simple that it makes you wonder why in the world all paracord isn’t like this already! There is basically an unlimited number of uses for paracord, and the fishing line just adds to the number of possibilities you have.

Here are just some of the things you can use the fishing line for:

Fishing (duh)—the fishing line works great when paired with a pole or a stick, or you can use it as a set line.

Sewing—it also works great to sew holes and tears in your clothing and gear.

Perimeter—use the fishing line to set up a perimeter around your camp. This can help warn you of humans or animals entering your camp area.

Shelter—when paired with a tarp, the fishing line can help you make a temporary shelter.

Repairs—because it’s more durable than thread, this fishing line works great for fixing things like a broken strap or zipper on your pack.


We have this cord in two more colors, as well.


paracord-fish-line-black neon-orange-prep-cord-fishing-line-close-up

The orange has a 10 pound test mono fishing line, and the black and OD green have an 8-pound line.


Paracord has come in handy for me on many occasions. I used to bring paracord on camping and backpacking trips grudgingly because I never thought I would really use it, but it’s been a life saver on multiple occasions. I’m super excited about the addition of fishing line in this cord, and it really is a simple idea that only adds to the product’s usefulness.

If you want more proof that you can use paracord in lots of different ways, check out this post on the “Top Ten Uses for Paracord (550 Cord).

Honestly, paracord is very affordable and even though it’s tempting to overlook paracord sometimes, it can make a huge difference when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Get some PrepCord from Blade HQ. It’s sturdy, made in the USA, and downright useful.