I thought I’d take a lighter note on survival this month. Since October is the month of the paranormal and horror, I have compiled a list of many different items that will be useful in a Zombie outbreak or heaven forbid a Zombie Apocalypse.

Disclaimer: Use this only as a reference list for your own survival kits: you know what works best for you. If you have a base of operation and plan on staying in it for the duration of the attack, then all following items would be a great arsenal to have with you. You should always have a day pack filled with the essentials in case you have to flee.

Primary Melee Weapon

You will want to pick out a melee weapon that is easy for you to use. Do not get anything too big or clumsy unless your goal to be a Zombie happy meal. You want a weapon that is not cumbersome, but easy to wield and effective. Entry tools are ideal as the serve more than one purpose: A crowbar is a great example. It easily can be used for bashing-out Zombie brains as well as open any locked doors. If you are leaning towards wielding something with an edge like a sword or knife, choose one with a full tang and good steel (ie not made in China). If you want an ax or a hammer to be your primary, choose something that is solid and stout .

You never want your primary weapon to fail you while in the middle of defending yourself from a hoard of zombies. You want your primary weapons to stay your primary weapons; they need to be 100% reliable so you won’t every have to use your secondary weapon.

Secondary Melee Weapon

Just in case you find yourself without your primary weapon(s) on hand, a secondary weapon is your backup weapon. Pick a secondary weapon that can hold its own. It should be able to be sit securely and comfortably on your persons (ie strapped to your leg or back, on a belt, side carried). A secondary weapon should be solid and have multiple uses: A Swiss Army knife has functional multiple uses, but can you really see it effectively defending you against a zombie? I prefer a good fixed blade or a folder knife with roughly a 4 to 5 inch blade. They can be used for all kinds of tasks and make great survival tools. They also give you enough penetration if you ever need to stab it into a Zombie skull. Smaller hammers and hatchets are also good choices for they can be lethal and be used for various tasks.

The thought has most likely crossed your mind: Why use a machete or crowbar as my primary weapon when a gun or crossbow would be more effective? My answer: Blades do not need to be reloaded. Simple as that. You eventually will run out of ammo–unless of course you have found a way to carry an unlimited amount of ammo on your persons at all times. To RELY on a projectile weapon is not the best strategy when fighting a Zombie hoard.

Primary Projectile Weapon*

Having a projectile weapon as your main weapon is not a top notch idea, but having a projectile weapon in your available arsenal is a good thing. Crossbows, rifles and shotguns are going to be your best choice for this category. Choose one you are competent with; Firing accurately is harder than one may think. The crossbow is good for silent kills that won’t draw attention: Its arrows are also reusable. It does require a little more skill than other projectile and has a slow reload. The rifle is most accurate long range weapon. The shotgun is perfect if you are in a tight spot with zombies everywhere. The shotgun requires the least amount of skill to be accurate at close range.

Secondary Projectile Weapon*

Not much to say concerning a secondary sidearm. You will most likely want a hand gun. A handgun is a quick and easy draw on a close target. Most nine millimeter handguns will have enough take-down power for a zombie, and ammo is easy to come by. Forty-four Magnums have more heft than the nine millimeters and would be another excellent choice.

*A minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for both ballistics is recommended.

Other gear that would be beneficial to you during a Zombie outbreak are listed below:

  • Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
      • This will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to survive a Zombie outbreak/apocalypse.
  •  Medical Kit
    Won’t do a darn thing to cure the virus. A medical kit is mostly for just in case situations: if you  injure yourself while fleeing or waiting.
  • Three days worth of food and water.
    • A pot and utensils.
    • Water purifying tablets
    • Hand pump water filter
    • Water Container
  • Fire Starters
    It is always good to have a means by which to start a fire. A fire keeps you warm, allows you to heat your food/water, and can purify your water.

    • Waterproof matches
    • A lighter
    • Fire striking rod
  • A durable backpack
  • High Quality Flashlight
    Headlamps are a great illumination tool:  They free up your hands for other vital tasks (ie wielding a weapon). Mag lights are good because they can illuminate and be used as a baton easily bludgeoning an attacking Zombie. It is not recommended to travel at night as the living dead will have some advantage with  senses you do not have: We cannot see in the dark and they can. Do not forget spare batteries!
  • Paracord (you can use cord or rope as easily) can be used for lashing snares, shelters and/or trip lines to alert you of incoming Zombies.
  • Pair of boots or running shoes.
    You will probably be on your feet a lot in various wet/dry scenarios. You need a good sturdy pair of shoes that will stand up to heavy use.
  • Duct tape for medical use or for other taping needs.
  • A warm jacket
  • A tarp for making a shelter in case you find yourself outside.


In any situation your mental acuteness will be more valuable than any of the items listed above. Your ability to think, act and improvise will save your life and allow you to survive another day.


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