A full tank of gas could save your life

An emergency has been declared due to an oncoming hurricane, and the city has been ordered to be evacuated. You rush to gather a few belongings and shove them into the back of the car, grab the cat, and you, your wife and 2 kids jam in as best you can. You slam the car into reverse, take one last look at the home you’ve lived in for the last five years, then drive down the block to the freeway. As you pull into the jammed on-ramp, as directed by the national guardsmen, you look at your gas gauge and … Continue reading →

Zombie Survival: Are you prepared?

I thought I’d take a lighter note on survival this month. Since October is the month of the paranormal and horror, I have compiled a list of many different items that will be useful in a Zombie outbreak or heaven forbid a Zombie Apocalypse. Disclaimer: Use this only as a reference list for your own survival kits: you know what works best for you. If you have a base of operation and plan on staying in it for the duration of the attack, then all following items would be a great arsenal to have with you. You should always have a day … Continue reading →