I can hardly believe it, but Christmas is just over a month away! That means it’s time to start thinking about what to get your friends and loved ones, especially if you’re going to be doing any online shopping. It’s always an option to do holiday shopping last minute, but that also means you might not get your package on time. I’ll admit that I won’t be doing any Christmas shopping for another couple of weeks, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to get the special people in your life so that you don’t end up picking something random that didn’t have much thought behind it.

I’ve got 15 gift ideas for the survivalists here to help you figure out what to get that outdoorsman or woman in your life, but hey—if you see something you like in this post, feel free to direct others to this post so they know what to get you this holiday season.


Survivalist Gift Ideas

Stocking Stuffers

All of these items are relatively small and inexpensive—perfect for stocking stuffers.

Prep Cord, Fire Cord, or Paracord


If you’re not familiar with these types of paracord yet, it’s time you became acquainted with them. Prep Cord is pictured above on the left. As you can see, the “strand” on the far right looks a little bit different than the other strands, and that’s because it is actually fishing line. You can pull it out of the cord and use it for many things besides fishing—you can use it for sewing, repairing clothing or packs, making shelter, and more.

The cord on the right is FireCord. The red strand you see is waterproof and it’s very easy to set fire to. It’s most effective if you pull out the portion of the red strand you want to use and then rough up the fibers before trying to set it on fire.

Both of these variations of paracord are pretty great because you can use them like normal paracord, but they have added perks that make them even more versatile than regular paracord. However, normal paracord is always a great idea, too. It has practically limitless uses.


Swiss Army Knife


The Swiss Army Knife is a classic, iconic knife that everyone should have. It comes in lots of variations so you can be sure to find the perfect Swiss Army Knife that has the right multi-tools for you. I personally like the knives that have a saw and can opener on them because they can come in really handy while camping.


Survival Knot Instruction Cards


If that special someone is really interested in survival, then he or she will love this practical gift. This booklet measures 2.25” x 3.50” x 0.10” and includes instructions on how to tie 11 different knots.



crkt-eat-n-tool-xl-beadHow about sticking a multi-tool in that stocking? This is one of my favorite multi-tools, partially because it comes in two sizes and lots of different colors. The short, orange CRKT Eat’N Tool you see above is very small and totals just four inches in length overall. I’d consider this more of a last ditch–eating utensil because it’s pretty small. This spork multi-tool is great for strapping to your pack to have handy just in case you lose your primary eating utensils or forget to pack them altogether. Plus, with the small Eat’N Tool, you’ve got orange, yellow, black, silver, pink, and turquoise to choose from, so you’ve got lots of color options. It also includes a bottle opener, screwdriver, pry tip, and three wrench sizes (10, 8, and 6 mm).

The XL Eat’N Tool comes in two colors (silver and black) and totals 6.125 inches in length. Its multi-tools vary slightly from the small version’s; it has a box wrench, driver/pry tool, can opener, and bottle opener. The advantage of this larger version of the multi-tool is that there is more surface area and it’s a lot easier to eat with if you’re an adult. Strap it to your pack or keep it with your camp cooking supplies; either way, this multi-tool is a great gift for any outdoorsman or survivalist.




Shemaghs are great in survival situations and even just for day hikes or camping trips. They can help shelter your head and face from the sun, but they can also help keep you warm when the weather turns cold. These are great gift ideas for the outdoorsman.


Emergency Blanket


Emergency blankets are always a good idea to bring on any outdoor excursion, but they’re also great for throwing in your car or emergency kit.


Fire Starter


Fire can be a very crucial element in any survival situation. Get that special someone a fire starter to help them be prepared for the unknown. I like the fire starter that’s pictured above because it is inexpensive and works really well.


Awesome Gifts

Grindworx Survival Paracord Belt


This belt is a great gift idea because 1) it looks awesome, and 2) it is made of paracord. These belts come in three sizes—small, medium, and large—and all are made of over 98 feet of paracord. If you ever find yourself in a bind, you can take this belt apart and use it for making shelter, tying gear to your pack, or anything else you’d use normal paracord for.




The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft is possibly my favorite survival knife of all time. It has 1095 High Carbon steel, so it holds an edge extremely well, and it has a Scandinavian grind which is great for carving, skinning, and woodwork in general—all good things to have in a survival knife. The handle also features a bow drill divot and a scraper on the exposed pommel of the blade for striking Ferro rods and starting fires. I also really like the handle because it’s made of Micarta and is pretty slender; I tend to favor knives that aren’t too bulky to handle. The overall length on this knife is 9.875 inches and the weight is 9.73 ounces.




The ESEE-5 is a beast of a knife, and it is an excellent survival knife. It’s larger than the TOPS BOB and comes to 11 inches long overall and weighs 15.90 ounces. This knife has a full tang, 1095 steel, a glass breaker/pommel, and bow drill divot. This is a really solid knife and is great for those who prefer larger blades.


Camp Cookware


Every outdoor enthusiast needs a good set of camp cookware. Blade HQ has a really great selection of camp pots, camp stoves, camp eating utensils, and more. Head on over to browse through the variety of products to find the perfect ones for you and/or that special someone.


Survival Books


Get your outdoor survivalist something practical. Blade HQ has lots of useful and instructive books on survival, like this one—Outdoor Survival: Skills to Survive & Stay Alive.


Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack


The Maxpedition Falcon II backpack is a favorite among many YouTubers and Blade HQ employees. It is a great size for a day pack, and it’s available in lots of different colors. The pack that is pictured also features a space for a water reservoir.


Bradford Knives Guardian4


The Guardian4 series is great for camping and hiking. It’s sturdy and the choil is designed so that it can strike a Ferro rod easily.


Mora of Sweden


Without a doubt, the Mora of Sweden Companion will give you the best bang for your buck. It has carbon steel with a clip point blade, scandi grind, a really ergonomic handle that’s also grippy, and it comes at a great price.



Any of these gift ideas for the outdoorsman would make excellent choices for anyone who is interested in survival or who enjoys the outdoors in general.

What do you want this year for Christmas?

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