A full tank of gas could save your life

An emergency has been declared due to an oncoming hurricane, and the city has been ordered to be evacuated. You rush to gather a few belongings and shove them into the back of the car, grab the cat, and you, your wife and 2 kids jam in as best you can. You slam the car into reverse, take one last look at the home you’ve lived in for the last five years, then drive down the block to the freeway. As you pull into the jammed on-ramp, as directed by the national guardsmen, you look at your gas gauge and … Continue reading →

Get Out and Gather Information in a Disaster

One of the very first steps in working through your disaster plan is to take a look around you. It’s a simple (and free) step, yet it’s one of the most important things you can do. This does not have to be a dull grinding exercise. You can plan some local trips, have some picnics and take some hikes while doing your research. This will make it more fun, involve your family (and possibly friends) and give you better motivation to get through it. Some of the questions to keep in mind are: Are there any dangers, such as chemical … Continue reading →

Trash Bags : Essential Survival Supply?

Believe it or not, simple trash bags are an essential survival supply. Imagine there’s been an earthquake, not the huge “big one” everyone’s been terrified of for decades. Just a medium sized, scare the hell out of you shaker. You survive just fine and everyone in the area is doing fine. Sure, the power is out and there is no gas, but you’ve got some supplies and it’s only a matter of time until the utility companies come around and fix things up. But now you notice that there is no water coming out of the tap. You are prepared … Continue reading →

Holiday and Birthday Gifts for Wilderness Lovers

Now when it comes to an outdoorsman every guy/girl out there has a total different style and different interests. Your outdoors man or woman may be a day hiker, multiple day hiker, hunter, fisherman, survivalist, rock climber, and/or nature enthusiast. Sometimes it is hard to know what your loved one needs or wants. With Christmas coming fast it’s time to decide what to get now before items are out of stock. I’ve compiled a gift list that would go great for an average outdoors woman or man. Here are a few things that are a want to some, but a … Continue reading →

Starting a Fire: Methods and Tools

You probably have a basic understanding of what’s important in a survival situation—shelter, water, and food, but one of the most important things to know in a survival situation is how starting a fire can be achieved. You may not always need a fire, but it can sure make a world of difference in the right survival situation. Fire can come in handy for purifying water, keeping you warm, cooking your food, signaling your position, and more. There are some fire-starting products that can make your life a lot easier while you’re camping or in a survival situation. Take a look at … Continue reading →

CRKT ExiTool

When you think about survival gear, you might think about gear that will help you survive should you be forced to abandon your home and belongings for any reason. I’ve come to realize, however, that those are not the only types of survival situations you could encounter. The CRKT ExiTool is one tool for those survival situations that are less likely to cross your mind. The ExiTool is a great emergency tool to keep in your car—it slides on to your seat belt and stays pretty inconspicuous until you need it. The multi-tool has a seatbelt cutter, LED light, and … Continue reading →